Counterfeiting and piracy

Defending Your Intellectual Property:

Shielding Against Counterfeiting and Piracy

Protecting your intellectual property from counterfeiting and piracy is essential in today’s global marketplace. Our team of dedicated commercial law solicitors specialises in providing comprehensive guidance to combat counterfeiting and piracy, ensuring the integrity of your brand and creations.

Counterfeiting and piracy pose significant threats to businesses and creators. From counterfeit goods to unauthorised use of copyrighted material, we help you take proactive measures to defend your rights and preserve the value of your creations.

Our Services

1. Counterfeit Detection and Prevention: We deploy advanced techniques to identify counterfeit products and implement preventive measures that shield your brand from unauthorised replication.

2. Enforcement and Litigation: Our legal experts are skilled in initiating enforcement actions against counterfeiters. We provide robust representation in court, ensuring that your intellectual property rights are upheld.

3. Online Piracy and Digital Protection: We address digital threats by monitoring online platforms, identifying unauthorised distribution, and taking swift action to protect your digital assets.

4. Investigation and Evidence Gathering: Our investigators gather crucial evidence to build strong cases against counterfeiters, facilitating effective legal action.

5. Customs and Border Control: We work closely with customs and border protection agencies to prevent counterfeit goods from entering markets, safeguarding your brand’s reputation and consumers’ trust.

Industries We Serve

Our expertise in combating counterfeiting and piracy extends across diverse industries, including:

  • Fashion and Luxury Brands
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Automotive and Aerospace

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Counterfeit Combatants

Our experts possess an in-depth understanding of the counterfeiting and piracy landscape. With a proven track record, we deploy advanced techniques to identify and combat counterfeiters, safeguarding your brand's reputation and revenue streams.

Strategic Solutions, Customised

Each counterfeiting or piracy case is unique. We tailor enforcement strategies that align with your business goals while considering the legal intricacies of different jurisdictions. Our approach ensures targeted solutions that maximise your brand's protection.

Multidisciplinary Excellence

Addressing counterfeiting and piracy requires a comprehensive approach. Our solicitors collaborate across legal, technical, and investigative domains, delivering holistic solutions that not only tackle legal aspects but also safeguard your brand's integrity in the market.


Counterfeiting involves the unauthorised reproduction of genuine products, while piracy pertains to the unauthorised distribution of copyrighted content. Both threaten intellectual property rights, brand integrity, and revenue streams.

Counterfeit products erode consumer trust, tarnish your brand’s reputation, and result in revenue loss. Piracy dilutes the value of your intellectual property and hampers your ability to monetise your creative works.

An experienced solicitor can formulate proactive strategies to identify and combat counterfeiters and pirates. They offer legal expertise, initiate enforcement actions, and collaborate with investigators and law enforcement to protect your intellectual property.

Technology offers advanced tools for counterfeit detection, online monitoring, and evidence collection. Tracking and tracing technologies, digital watermarking, and online monitoring tools aid in identifying and preventing counterfeiting and piracy.

Online piracy is a growing concern. We monitor online platforms, identify unauthorised distribution, and employ Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices to remove infringing content. Legal actions can also be pursued against repeat offenders.

Collaborating with customs and border protection agencies, we register IP rights with relevant authorities. This facilitates the interception of counterfeit goods at borders, preventing them from entering markets and protecting your brand’s reputation.

Yes, alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, negotiation, or settlement discussions, can lead to effective resolutions. Litigation is pursued when other methods prove ineffective or when seeking injunctions and damages.

We work with you to establish comprehensive brand protection strategies, including IP registrations, monitoring online marketplaces, implementing authentication technologies, and educating consumers about genuine products.

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